The Members

Paul Conner

Paul Conner is still the operating manager of the business, but has begun passing the reigns down to his son Gavin. He is still involved on a part-time basis in the business helping with advertising and financial advice.

Donna Conner

Donna Conner has been retired for many years from PAC Specialties. She has been a mother and grandmother more than a business woman. She still has influence in the business and stops in every now and then to check on it.

Gavin Conner

Gavin Conner is now the head business man. He takes care of purchasing, IT, art, and much more within the business. He is an invaluable part of the business and plans building on its continued success.

Cindy Conner

Cindy Conner is now a part-owner of the business. She handles much of our operations dealing with customer relations and oilfield. She also heads up the embroidery division of PAC Specialties, which keeps her very busy.

Kim Hernandez

Although Kim Hernandez is retired, she still comes into the business every now and then. If we need help or need any advertising expertise, we will call her in.

Collin Conner

Collin Conner has officially entered into the business in June of 2018. He will help with purchasing, sales, financial advising and much more if he is needed. He plans to also help continue the work with his father and make the business more successful.


Hours of Operation
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